Spain is an amazing country! Spain has many fun traditions! Spain has a very interesting geography. Spain has an exciting history! Traditions Every year since [read more…]

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All penguins live in the southern hemisphere, except one species that lives on the Galapagos islands. Penguin babies are called chicks. A group of penguins [read more…]


Presidential parties

History of Parties The first American political parties were in the 1790’s and 1800’s. Those parties were the Federalists, based on George Washington and John [read more…]

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France is a country in Europe. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is amazing! France has interesting geography. The History of France is very cool! The [read more…]



The Gas Giant, Saturn is the seventh planet in our solar system. Saturn’s discovery was way earlier than you would think. Saturn’s rings are made [read more…]