Middle of World War 1

Western front

On the Western front the most well known battles of World War 1 were happening. Those battles were Ypres, Verdun, and the Somme. What they all had in common was they had high casualties

Eastern Front

On the Eastern Front the Central Powers are looking like they are going to win after beating multiple Russian armies that were out of ammo and sometimes even guns. Then on the Italian front, Austria-Hungary beat a larger Italian army. Then the Germans left the Eastern front and surprisingly the Russians beat the remaining Austro-Hungarian force.

New Technology

The Germans invented bomber planes back in 1914 to bomb Paris but the Germans failed to take the city. Steel helmets were used for the first time by the British and the French. Finally, the Germans invented gas shells and Submarines, which they called U-boats.

Next we will learn about the end of World war 1.

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