Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu is a city in Arizona with an interesting history. Lake Havasu City was built on a military base called Site 6. The London Bridge was moved to Lake Havasu City from London, England in the 1960’s. Modern day Lake Havasu is a good place to have a vacation.

Site 6

Site 6 was a military base where modern day Lake Havasu City is located. Site Six was an airfield in World War 2! Bullet casings can be found near or in Site Six.

London Bridge

The London Bridge goes over Lake Havasu, a reservoir in Lake Havasu City.The London Bridge’s lights are made of Napoleon Bonaparte’s cannons that were melted down. Robert McCollch (the founder of Lake Havasu City) thought that the London Bridge was actually Tower Bridge. He still bought the London Bridge and rebuilt it in Lake Havasu.

Modern Lake Havasu City

Modern Lake Havasu City has a lot to do. Site Six is now a fishing dock. There are many cuisines (Korean, Japanese, Italian, and so on). All I do not recommend is going during the summer because it is super hot during that time of year. Sometimes it gets up to 110 degrees or more!

I hope someday you get to go to Lake Havasu too. See you next time!

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