The Gas Giant, Saturn is the seventh planet in our solar system. Saturn’s discovery was way earlier than you would think. Saturn’s rings are made of rock and ice but are still beautiful! Cassini orbited Saturn and discovered many new things.

Discovery of Saturn

People discovered Saturn in prehistoric times. Astronomers and historians still do not know who discovered Saturn. The Romans named Saturn after their version of the Greek Titan/God Chronos. See UniversityToday.

Saturn’s Rings

Saturn has many interesting features. Galileo Galilei discovered Saturn’s rings in 1610. Galileo thought that the rings were arms. Christiaan Huygens finally figured out that the arms were rings and discovered a moon, Titan. Now there are 145 moons orbiting Saturn. See NASA.

Cassini Space Probe

The Cassini Space Probe orbited Saturn. Cassini discovered many new features on Saturn like the blue and green hexagon on top. Cassini Explored Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. See UniversityToday.

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