Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was one of only 4 Islamic caliphates to control Mecca and Medina. A caliphate was an Islamic kingdom that controlled the cities of Mecca and Medina. Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire (called Constantinople in medieval times). After World War 1 the Ottoman Empire fell and became modern day Turkey.

The Ottoman Empire was not only a military power it was also a naval power, this is what their ships might have looked like. The Navy had advanced tactics and that’s why they had a powerful fleet. The Ottomans surrounded a enemy island to block the opposing ships from getting out of the port. When they could not get out, the competitor could not attack from behind.

The Ottoman flag is the same as modern day Turkey. The flag of the Ottomans was a white crescent with a white star in the middle and a red background. The crescent and star means the religion of Islam.

Look at this picture of Istanbul, Turkey. It is beautiful! You can see the Hagia Sophia building and the strait that connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean; it also connects Europe to Asia. Thank you for reading this article! I will come out with a new article soon! See you later!

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