Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was in Europe from 31 BC to 476 AD. The Roman’s Empire extended from Britain to Asia minor(Asia minor was modern day Turkey). The Romans were the most powerful empire of their time!

The Romans had feared legions (that’s what they called their army). They carried a sword called a gladius and a tall rectangle shield.

SPQR means “the senate and the people of Rome” The Roman flag is Red and Gold. The Romans put SPQR on their flag so the Roman people would be happy. As a result, they would not rebel against the Roman government.

This is a picture of gladiators fighting in the 6 acre Colosseum. A gladiator was meant to entertain people by fighting each other ( I know crazy right?). There was actually more than one Colosseum in the Roman Empire; the first one was actually in Pompeii! I will come out with a new post soon, see you later!

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    Love the great information! The picture have great detail. I learned a lot of great facts! I really loved the crazy fact! The Gladiator are very strong!

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