End of World War 1

The end of World War One was very interesting. The United States had many reasons to get into the war. The Russians’ civil war pulled Russia out of the war. The lead up to the treaty of Versailles was deadly.

The United States joins the war

The United States started to want to go to war when the Lusitania sank and took American lives with the passenger ship. Then, three unarmed merchant ships were sunk, but the president, Woodrow Wilson still refused to join the war. Woodrow Wilson agreed to join the war when Germany offered four American states (Texas, Kansas New Mexico, and Arizona) to Mexico.

The Russians Split

The Russian civil war started when their leader abdicated from the throne. The Russian people split into many groups, the leading one communist. All of that forced Russia to pull out of World War 1.

The lead up and the surrender

The lead up to surrender started when Germany launched the Spring Offensive, which succeeded except they lost a lot of soldiers. Then the Allies launched a bigger attack called the Grand Offensive and it was a complete success. On November 11, 1918 Germany surrendered and gave up a lot of money, land, and power.

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