Was the Boston Tea Party a Good Idea?

The Boston Tea Party was a good idea. First, no one got hurt. Second, the Americans thought that the tea tax was a sign that there would be more taxes in the future. Third, they showed the British that they did not like the tea tax.

No One Got Hurt

The Americans could have chosen to hurt people. Hurting people would spark a war. War is bad because many lives would have been lost. The Boston tea party happened so there would not be a war and no lives would be lost.

More Future Tax Worry

The British taxed the Americans because the French and Indian War was expensive. The British thought the Americans had to pay taxes too. The Americans were worried about the taxes because they did not get to vote. If somebody does not get to vote then it is not equal for that person or state. The Americans thought that the tax on tea was not fair.

Showed British how Americans Felt

The Boston tea party was a sign that the Americans did not like the tea tax. The Americans did not want to hurt anybody, but they also wanted to show the British that they did not like the tax on tea. The Americans thought the Boston tea party was a good non-violent protest. I agree.

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