Comparing the Senate and the House

The Senate and the House are both part of Congress. The Senate has made some important decisions. The House can do some things. The president’s vetoes are crucial to modern laws

The Senate

The Senate is more powerful than the House. One example of this is the Senate can ratify (accept) treaties. The Senate has two representatives per state. Let’s do some math, there are fifty states and two representatives per state in the Senate. To figure out how many representatives there are you will need to multiply fifty times two. You will eventually figure out that there are one hundred representatives in the Senate.

The House

The House is less powerful than the Senate. The House can initiate impeachment and then the Senate will convict. The amount of representatives in the House are chosen by the state’s population. For example, Delaware only has one representative because it has a small population.


If a president does not like a law he can veto the law. Congress can override a law with a two thirds majority vote in the Senate and the House. If a law is overridden the president cannot veto the law again.

Next we will talk about presidential parties. See you next time!

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