Spain is an amazing country! Spain has many fun traditions! Spain has a very interesting geography. Spain has an exciting history!


Every year since 1957 the people of Bunol (Boon-Yol) have a tomato fight. In Pamplona people run with bulls! People run with bulls in Pamplona so they can provide more entertainment at the San Fermin Festival and for the thrill of defending yourself against a charging bull.


Spain’s capital is Madrid. Spain has a population of about 48,146,000 and an area of about 505,370 square kilometers. Spain touches Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, and France.


Spain split into many states after the fall of Rome. Spain had colonized a lot of lands by 1700. After the Spanish Civil war which was going on during the first half of World War II, the fascist government fell. After becoming a republic, Spain was close to becoming the country it is today.

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